Printing Tips - Printer's Tuning and Setting Information

Form3 Series Fit TuningDownload
RayWare DLP Printer Tolerance & DimensionDownload
Form3 Series Fit Tuning - FFTv15.4_3rdparty.formDownload
LCD/LED MSLA Exposure Setting ProfilesDownload

Printing Tips - Laser Printer Resins

.Modeling 200 GrayDownload
.Modeling Black V2Download
.Modeling ClearDownload
.Modeling GrayDownload
.Modeling TanDownload
.Modeling WhiteDownload
.Expert BlackDownload
.Expert GrayDownload
.Expert TanDownload
.Heat ChampagneDownload
.Robust ChampagneDownload
.Spring BlackDownload
.Spring PinkDownload

Printing Tips - DLP Printer Resins

.DLP Modeling Gray V3Download
.DLP Modeling Tan V3Download
.DLP Modeling ClearDownload
.DLP Modeling White V2Download
.DLP Modeling SandDownload
.DLP SG ClearDownload

Printing Tips - DLP 385 Asiga Printer Resins

ALW-DLP385-Gray.ini fileDownload
.DLP 385 Modeling GrayDownload
ALW-DLP385-Tan.ini fileDownload
.DLP 385 Modeling TanDownload
ALW-DLP385-Expert-Gray.ini fileDownload
.DLP 385 Expert GrayDownload
ALW-DLP385-Heat-Gray.ini fileDownload
.DLP 385 Heat GrayDownload
ALW-DLP-SG-Clear.ini fileDownload
.DLP SG ClearDownload

Printing Tips - MSLA Printer Resins

.MSLA Modeling ClearDownload
.MSLA Modeling DentalDownload
.MSLA Modeling GrayDownload
.MSLA Modeling SandDownload
.MSLA Expert GrayDownload
.MSLA Heat GrayDownload
.MSLA Spring BlackDownload
.MSLA Spring PinkDownload
.MSLA Rigid Dusty OliveDownload
.MSLA Castable CyanDownload
.DLP SG ClearDownload
.DLP SG Clear Exposure WorksheetDownload

VAT Recoating & Cleaning

VAT RecoatingDownload
VAT CleaningDownload

Frequently Asked Questions

ApplyLabWork resins work with many stereolithography 3D printers, which include Laser, DLP and LED/LCD based printers. Each printer, however, has different UV light strength so some calibration may be needed to achieve optimal results. Please refer to our product description pages which detail our resins’ compatibility and mechanical properties.

ApplyLabWork resins have great print quality and are dimensionally precise. Please refer to our Material Properties Table.

From its inception, ApplyLabWork strives to provide quality and affordable resins for the 3D community. In order to achieve this, ApplyLabWork is vertically integrated, from R&D, manufacturing, sales to distribution in order to control resin quality and to offer the best prices to our customers.

Our resins for Laser SLA printers are specifically formulated and extensively tested on Formlabs printers to ensure that they are the exact match with Preform print setting. Our SLA resins are also compatible with other desktop SLA 3D printers, such as Peopoly Moai.

Our SLA resins are formulated to print under Formlabs Preform print settings to be printed under Open Mode. However, many customers do experiment with refilling our resins into the cartridges and we have not heard of any issues.

Our resins can last for at least one year. However, with proper storage in cool, dark places, it can last much longer.

All ApplyLabWork resins are VOC free. Please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet for complete safety guide and material composition.

We ship on the same business day if your order is placed before 12 Noon PST (Pacific Standard Time). 

Yes, we ship internationally. We offer several shipping methods and you can select the method that best fits your needs. During checkout process, just enter your country and postal code to get an estimate of the shipping cost. As a rule of thumb, shipping cost decreases drastically per bottle as order quantity goes up.

Yes, you are responsible for all custom duties, taxes and fees for your order. ApplyLabWork does not include these fees in the selling prices. For more information, please refer to our Shipping and Delivery Policy.

We accept all forms of credit card payments as well as PayPal.

The item must be unopened, unused, undamaged, in the same condition you received, and in its original packaging. For more detail, please refer to our Return and Exchange Policy.

Tutorial / Demo Videos

Open Mode Operation Tutorial

Castable IPA Rinse

DLP Modeling Gray - Removal Tutorial

DLP Modeling Tan - Removal Tutorial