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Introducing DLP Modeling V3 Resins for SprintRay Printers

ApplyLabWork DLP V3 series, available in Tan and Gray colors, are reformulated to print perfectly under Pro95 Die and Model 2 profile...

3rd Party Review of our MSLA Castable Cyan Resin from Clear Mind Jewellery

We are happy to receive very positive review from Clear Mind Jewellery, an artisan jewelry and casting studio in Peterborough, Ontario, focusing on custom jewelry and other metal work...

Introducing Prototype Engineering Resins for Formlabs Printers Spring Black and Spring Pink

Spring resins are very flexible and rubber like and have fast spring back characteristics. At 57A Shore durometer, they are also our softest resins and can be bend and compressed repeatedly...

Introducing MSLA Castable Resin for LCD Printers

ApplyLabWork is proud to announce the release of our first MSLA Castable Resin for LCD printers, available in Cyan color. Our Cyan Castable Resin produces precise, accurate prints with smooth surface and it gives clean burnout and no need for UV post curing...

Introducing Prototype Engineering Resins for Formlabs Printers Expert Black and Robust Champagne

ApplyLabWork is proud to introduce two Prototype Engineering resins - Expert and Robust. How is it different...

Introducing All New DLP Modeling V2 Resins for SpintRay Printers

Due to popular demand, ApplyLabWork has reformulated our popular DLP Modeling Resins and we are proud to announce the release of all new and improved V2 resins...

Introducing MSLA Resins for LCD/LED 3D Printers

We’ve heard your requests for faster and less brittle resins and I think we’ve got them! We are pleased to announce the introduction of new MSLA Modeling resins from...

Introducing DLP Modeling Clear Resin for MoonRay Printers

ApplyLabWork is proud to introduce DLP Modeling Clear Resin that has very minimum yellowing after post curing. It is translucent after IPA cleaning and, although....

Expensive Resins Need Not “Apply”: $70 Resin for Form 2 and Moonray from Apply Lab Work

Doing aligners in house has been great for my practice and my patients. I’ve lowered my aligner fees by $1800 which was what I was paying Invisalign. But there are...

New Resins Calibrated Specifically for MoonRay Printers

After much RD and testings in our lab, we are pleased to announce the introduction of new DLP Modeling resins that are fully calibrated for SprintRay MoonRay printers...

Choosing the Right SLA Resins for Your Applications

There are many types of SLA resins for 3D printingand each has its unique mechanical properties. Users should choose the right types of resin based on their intended…

An Alternative Resin for your SLA 3D Printer/Formlab’s Alternative Resins - ApplyLabWork

Looking for an alternative resin compatible with Formlabs SLA 3D Printer? Many 3D printers companies have their own branded resins that are calibrated for their own printers. Most desktop SLA prin

ApplyLabWork Shares Details About its Successful Low-Cost 3D Printing Resins

It’s not easy to start a company, and to survive as a startup you need to be able to offer something that people want. ApplyLabWork definitely hit upon something that people want: quality 3D printing

High Quality SLA Resins That Won't Break Your Bank

3D printing, as a whole, is becoming more affordable. Several low-cost 3D printer options are now on the market, and even many high-end 3D printers have become relatively

Understanding SLA 3D Printing

Stereolithography 3D printing, also known as SLA 3D printing, refers to the technology that turns photoreactive liquid (generally referred as resins) into solid parts by curing them with a light source in