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Design Concept Series: DLP Modeling White V2, SprintRay Printers Compatible


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Product Description

DLP Modeling White V2 Resin has been reformulated to print with SprintRay Study Model White 2 profile (for Pro95 and Pro55). It is great for study models that simulate the traditional stone model look. It is accurate and sturdy and perfect for visual presentation. The new White V2 is capable of printing 170 micron layer thickness and is easy to remove.

Product Features 

  • Specifically formulated to print on SprintRay’s Pro as well as MoonRay D and S and other open source DLP printers
  • Calibrated to print with SprintRay Pro95 and Pro55 under Study Model White 2 profile
  • Calibrated to print with MoonRay D and S under Denture Base profile
  • Supports 50, 100 and 170 (Pro only) micron layer thickness
  • Tensile strength (57-63 MPa) / Elongation (1-2%)
  • VOC Free, minimum odor
  • SKU: DMD-R002WT
  • For detailed print instructions, please refer to Printing Tips

Product Details

Color: White
Size: 1 Liter
Material: Acrylate-based Polymer for 3D Printing
Tensile(MPa): 57-63
Elongation(%): 1 - 2
Impact(J/m): 21 - 26
Hardness(Shore): 86 - 90D
Flexural Strength(MPa): 100 - 105
Flexure Modulus (MPa): 2100 - 2200
HDT(°F/°C): 148°F / 64.5°C
Tear Strength(kN/m): -
Compression(%): -
Viscosity at 77°F/25°C: 420 - 480
Layer thickness(um):: 50, 100, and 170
PostCure:: ProCure 30°C, 30min