Introducing New Resins for Formlabs Printers, MODELING 200 and HEAT, Comparable to Draft and High Temp

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ApplyLabWork is proud to introduce two new resins – Modeling 200 Gray and HEAT Champagne


Similar to Formlabs Draft resin, our Modeling 200 resin supports 200 microns print resolutions and can print up to 4 times as fast as our standard Modeling resins. It is perfect for printing large objects or when efficiency is required.

HEAT Champagne

Our HEAT resin has a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 188°C at 0.45 MPa. It is designed for prototype parts that will come in contact with high temperature and has great thermal stability.

We have put our HEAT resin to test by baking it in oven and boiling it in water. Click below to see how HEAT hold up in extreme heat!