Introducing MSLA Resins for LCD/LED 3D Printers

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We’ve heard your requests for faster and less brittle resins and I think we’ve got them! We are pleased to announce the introduction of new MSLA Modeling resins from Design Concept Series, available in 2 colors, Dental and Gray. Both resins have been formulated to print perfectly in AnyCubic Photon and Phrozen Shuffle printers.

Dental Resin is a brand new color. It has matte, smooth surface and it’s dimensionally accurate. It is hard but not brittle and can withstand high temperatures, ideal for a variety of dental applications, such as models for aligner and retainer purposes and for printing removable dies.

Gray Resin shows intricate details with great mechanical properties. Its precision characteristic and tough but high elongation properties make it an ideal resin for printing sculptures, miniature models, terrains and artworks.

During introductory period, we are offering our new MSLA Modeling Resins at SPECIAL US$60/liter, Free Shipping in the continental US (worldwide express shipping at a low fee)! After the introductory period, the resins will be sold for US$70/liter. Please visit us at for more details.


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