Expensive Resins Need Not “Apply”: $70 Resin for Form 2 and Moonray from Apply Lab Work

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Doing aligners in house has been great for my practice and my patients. I’ve lowered my aligner fees by $1800 which was what I was paying Invisalign. But there are a lot of models to print and model resin is between $150 and $200 a liter or about $3-5 a model. I’ve experimented with less expensive brands, but the pigment would separate a lot and didn’t get the accuracy I wanted. Enter Apply Lab Work that have developed a line of resins for dentistry for both the Form 2 and Moonray. On the Form you have to enter OPEN MODE, which deactivates the wiper and heater and call the resin WHITE. On the Moonray, you simply call the resin Gray. I did not calibrate either the Form 2 or the Moonray.

In the Form 2 like the Moonray you need to manually fill the resin tank, which is no big deal. I printed the same aligner model in Moonray Tan, Apply Lab Work’s DLP Gray and Form2 Beige. I also printed 20mm calibration cubes with all resins and all were with in the ABO guidelines for 3D Printed Aligners at no more than being off by 200 microns. I fabricated an aligner on the Moonray Tan model and it fit well on both the Apply Lab Work Gray and Beige.

Aligners nicely snapped in. These were fabricated on the Apply Lab Work’s Gray Moonray Resin. Will be testing some of the Form 2 resins later. But the Form 2 beige also fit well!! This can definitely bring the price per model down to the $2 a model range.

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