Introducing All New DLP Modeling V2 Resins for SpintRay Printers

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Due to popular demand, ApplyLabWork has reformulated our popular DLP Modeling Resins and we are proud to announce the release of all new and improved V2 resins, available in Gray and Tan. The new V2 resins have great mechanical properties and can be printed with the latest Die and Model material profiles. Extensive tests have been conducted in SprintRay Pro, MoonRay S and D to ensure ease of use and outstanding print qualities.

We have put our new DLP V2 resins to the test with SprintRay’s Die and Model resins. See the test for yourselves! Please click the image below, or video link

The new DLP Modeling V2 Resins are now available on our website at the affordable price of US$70/liter, Free Shipping in the Continental US! Please visit us at for more details. As always, ApplyLabWork continues to design and create quality and affordable materials that benefit the 3D printing community.


Team at ApplyLabWork 

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